5 Reasons to Work at BitPesa

Considering that you spend more than third of your life at work, finding your next job or choosing to leave your current job can be a very difficult decision. At BitPesa, we share five reasons that make choosing to work here easy:

Grow with the Company

There is a lot of hype around startups, but BitPesa is one of the top fintech companies in frontier markets. In the past 5 years, we have gained over 24,000 customers, who have made a million transactions worth over 300 million USD. We have not only found a use case for cryptocurrency, we have been able to scale our exchange and treasury service to sustain our growth. We recognize and reward your efforts, giving you a platform to progress in your career and learn what it takes to build a business.

Surround yourself with the best

Your colleagues are experts in their fields — whether it’s about  financial services, technology and customer relations. We really focus on interdepartmental collaboration, so even if you are not working on a specific area, you will still be able to learn actively about that topic through the sharing culture fostered at BitPesa. Many of our people can attest to gaining skills they had never considered in the first place. Great managers have emerged in different departments as collaboration breeds new opportunities.

Our team comes from great places and goes on to great places

Many of your future teammates come from institutions such as Barclays, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo, Moneygram, Deloitte Consulting, and PwC. In today’s fast-moving work ecosystem, we also understand when people leave. Working at BitPesa positions you well for illustrious future jobs within the company and beyond.

Super diverse and international

Our team of over 60 includes teammates from diverse backgrounds including social impact, tech, and finance. We have 18 nationalities spread across 6 offices in Europe and Africa. Since our departments are spread out between the different offices, you will have the opportunity to travel to other countries on business trips, conferences, and the occasional retreat.

BitPesa Team

Make an Impact

Are you passionate about growing business in Africa and frontier markets? Considering that liquidity and sending payments is one of the greatest pain-points for SME’s, BitPesa is making a huge difference in lowering the friction of doing business. While this may not be a super sexy cause, like saving endangered rhinos, this will make a huge impact in the long-term economic growth across Africa.

Want to learn more more? Read about our company values and our journey here.

Ready to join BitPesa? See our open positions here.

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