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Pay your bills. Pay your friends. Pay for travel. Pay for business.

Who needs BitPesa?

Anyone who makes payments to Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda or Tanzania from a foreign account!

  1. Do you get paid abroad, but live in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda or Tanzania?
  2. Does your business take payments from tourists or expats?
  3. Do you have friends or family living in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda or Tanzania?
  4. Do you send donations to a Kenyan, Nigerian, Ugandan or Tanzanian organization?

What do I need to get started?

All you need is the phone number of the person or business who is receiving your transfer. Nearly every Kenyan phone can receive M-Pesa or Airtel Money. Enter the phone number of your recipient and they will receive the transfer amount in minutes! No need for your recipient to sign-up or know anything about BitPesa. A text message will arrive saying that their mobile money has been topped-up.

Where can I use BitPesa?

You can use BitPesa from nearly anywhere outside of the US. If you are physically in Africa, Europe, Asia or Canada – you can log on to www.BitPesa.co and get started.

You can send money to Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda or Tanzania and soon across Africa!

Why should I use BitPesa?

BitPesa is cheaper than bank transfers or ATM withdrawals:

The average fee of withdrawing the maximum amount of cash straight from an ATM in Kenya is $14. If you withdraw cash twice a month, that is $336 a year!

The average cost of a bank wire to Kenya is 12%, which means that if you send $5000 a year to Kenya, you are losing $600 a year!

Western Union costs as much as 7% to send money instantly to Kenya.

Don’t waste your money, get set-up with BitPesa and save money every month!

BitPesa is the fastest way to get money in Kenya

If you can’t wait for a bank transfer and need more than an ATM can give you, BitPesa can move money to Kenya for you in minutes from our online site. The transfer arrives directly on your phone in your M-Pesa, Airtel Money, or Orange Money wallet!

If you need a larger transfer sent directly to a Kenyan bank account – email us at [email protected] to learn how to get it there in an hour!

BitPesa is the easiest way to make payments to Kenya while abroad

If you need to send a payment to someone in Kenya while you are on a business trip or living abroad, you can go online to www.bitpesa.co and send money to any Kenyan phone number. You can pre-pay your safari tour operator or send a deposit to your taxi driver before you arrive at the airport. You can send money to as many of your friends and family as you need. You can have a visitor send money to a Kenyan SIM card before they arrive so they have M-Pesa to spend when they step off the plane.

How is BitPesa so cheap, fast and easy?

Our secret to saving you money is that we only accept payment in Bitcoin. This saves our company money by not working with expensive credit card companies and bank wire agencies. Don’t know anything about Bitcoin? It is not so hard to get set-up – go to our guide to learn about how to use Bitcoin to save you money.

Get Started Today!

Start sending money to Kenya right now by setting up an account to buy Bitcoin, and then setting up a BitPesa account. Look below for the Bitcoin store in the country where you are sending money from, buy Bitcoin and then log on to http://www.BitPesa.co to send a payment to Kenya!

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