One-stop shop to launch compliant, branded and scalable remittance products in less than 90 days

White-Label Remittance Solution

We enable institutions to launch compliant, secure and digital remittance products to grow new revenue streams.

It takes a significant amount and time and money to build a scalable and compliant remittance infrastructure before you can focus on customers acquisition & loyalty. 

With our one-stop shop infrastructure solution, you can access everything you need to launch and scale your own remittance businesses in less than 90 days.

We offer:

 Compliant KYC / AML screening and monitoring

 Instant fund collection from bank accounts & cards in EU

 Instant payout into bank & mobile money accounts

 Competitive FX pricing and guaranteed liquidity

 Consumer-friendly website and mobile applications


The Benefits of White-Label


Licensed by EU regulators, we take care of all the compliance work needed to launch and scale remittance businesses including KYC (know-your-customer) screening, AML (anti-money laundering) monitoring and licensing.


Certified and tested platform to ensure the security of customer identity, funds transfer, and transactional data.


With one single API integration, you can turn on multiple channels for collecting and disbursing funds, access exclusive wholesale FX pricing, and enable instant settlement. We can also help build easy-to-use branded websites and mobile apps for you to accelerate customer acquisition and increase brand.

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