BitPesa in Kampala

Since we launched in Uganda in 2015, we have served thousands of customers in the bountiful Pearl of Africa. We have always felt their spirit of entrepreneurship and brotherhood right from our headquarters. It was then not a surprise when we invited them to our first event in Kampala and they came in their numbers, eager to talk about Bitcoin, Blockchain and BitPesa.

Audience - BitPesa in Kampala

The meetup at Design Hub Kampala, nestled in Industrial Area was filled to capacity, with a mix of customers and enthusiasts. BitPesa hosted this chat with the help of Global Shapers Kampala who also shared a number of case studies in health and supply chain that utilized blockchain solutions.

Not only did we gather very valuable feedback about our current platform from seasoned users, there were also some newcomers who couldn’t wait to sign up and dive into the world of Bitcoin. The top request was to make transactions possible 24/7, which is something we’re currently working on.  We also had a number of customers request a referral program, as they want to take an active role in helping BitPesa grow in Uganda. We also discussed how to avoid scams in Uganda, which is further explained in this blog post.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our product and tech team, we were able to preview the new BitPesa website right as it went live!

The Africa Blockchain Conference 2018

Our customer event in Kampala also coincided with the Africa Blockchain Conference,  hosted by Kwame Rugunda and Blockchain Association of Uganda.  We were excited because the conference was extensively supported and attended by the Ugandan government, including H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Honorable Frank Tumwebaze, Minister of ICT, and Professor Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile, Governor Bank of Uganda. Here, we were thrilled to listen to President Museveni talk about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies from a very informed perspective. He urged stakeholders to be more inquisitive on how to use the complementary blockchain technology to improve the four sectors of the Ugandan economy: commercial agriculture, industry, service industry and ICT.

Africa Blockchain Conference 2018

This Blockchain conference is a monumental step for Uganda, really setting itself up as a key player in technology and development in East Africa. Dr. Bitange Ndemo, IBM, and other key players from Kenya are looking at working with Uganda to replicate a similar Blockchain Taskforce to investigate applications and create frameworks for the technology.

Thank you to everyone who came to our chat and engaged us. We felt so at home. We look forward to more interactions with partners and customers in Uganda and a bright future ahead.

If you would like to learn more about BitPesa in Uganda, contact us on the chat below, or +256 700 494 664. You can also visit our Help Center. Remember, you can buy or sell bitcoins or make cross-border payments with BitPesa. We will be happy to walk with you!

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