How Tunga Pays Developers in Uganda

Tunga has created an online marketplace connecting African coders with global businesses. Together, the company works with a vetted community of developers who have exhibited proven skills, and a network of international businesses offering technical projects.

Some of these coders gained these programming skills from Bits Academy, an educational institute that trains disadvantaged youths to become web developers. It’s a win-win situation; the coder earns an income, and the business customer pays for results rather than per hour.

The Right Payment Solution
Tunga considered various payment methods when it was time to pay developers. Most services only offered part of the solution. The company needed to:

  1. Pay the developers, particularly in Uganda, easily and without the hassle that comes with third parties,
  2. Deliver money quickly and directly to coders’ mobile money accounts.
  3. Find a payment solution to integrate directly to Tunga.

Tunga discovered BitPesa in 2015, right around the time the pilot took off. Using BitPesa’s platform, Tunga can send Bitcoin any time to pay its African coders. Once sent, the Bitcoin is instantly converted into Uganda Shillings and paid directly to the developer’s mobile money wallet.

Getting the developers on board with BitPesa was easy after realizing they would get paid in minutes. The new payment structure means these coders get paid 90% faster.

Bart Leijssenaar said, “All we had to do is give them step-by-step instructions and show them how fast the pay-out would happen. The developers love BitPesa.”

BitPesa also allows businesses and individuals to convert Bitcoin to currencies in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. International companies can pay African employees or freelancers in minutes. The freedom that comes with the freelance nature of Tunga ensures that the developers do their best. They can cash out the Bitcoin immediately or later.

Ernesto Spruyt added, “The user experience is great and we also get very responsive customer service. We look forward to expanding to more countries, especially in Nigeria where BitPesa is already operating.”

With Tunga’s growing network, talented, young developers are demonstrating how they can deliver quality work to businesses. Tunga aims to expand its distributed workforce in Africa. This expansion means a greater need to integrate BitPesa as a payment solution.

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