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How to Use BitPesa to Accept Payments for Your Business


Do you get paid by customers using foreign accounts?

If your business relies on tourists or expatriates with foreign bank accounts sending you payments, BitPesa can help lower your costs and get your money in your account faster!

Major travel companies like accept Bitcoin and have reduced their costs and increased their business doing so! Even EBay is about to start accepting Bitcoin. Get ahead of the curve and adopt this new technology.

BitPesa works with African businesses to allow their customers to pay using Bitcoin. It is simple to get started, and our team can help get you set-up. Customers around the world top-up their Bitcoin accounts and send over payment to you instantly. BitPesa then exchanges that Bitcoin into Ugandan/Tanzanian Shillings, Nigerian Naira or Ghanaian Cedi and settles with you as quickly as you need it, directly into your bank account.

No need to worry about FX rates, credit card fees, or long waits to receive your money. The end-to-end cost is just 3%, absorbed in the margin we charge the client. No need for both you and your client to pay high credit card fees >2% and suffer poor exchange rates. BitPesa has NO fees for either you nor your client, and our FX cost is just 3% above the inter-bank rate.

Let BitPesa show you how to save money and reduce cash stress. Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm on+254 714 356 461, +234 908 206 5264, +233 55 098 5580 or +256 700 494 664.

We use technology to save you money!