3T Impex Consulting is redefining how international trade payments are executed. With an aggregate experience of over 50 years, the company works with trading partners around the globe and leads successful training courses across the UK, Europe, and Nigeria.

Founder Bamidele Ayemibo left the banking sector seven years ago to launch 3T Impex. His firm has since helped over 1,500 businesses on international trade training, strategies and execution.

Growing International Trade in Africa
3T Impex Consulting offers a basket of specialized trading products and services through its Trade Academy. The company also connects local importers with global suppliers. More recently, Bamidele searched for a better way to facilitate the payment process for international trades between Nigeria and China.

Before BitPesa, 3T Impex struggled with a reliable way to pay Chinese suppliers.

Specifically, 3T Impex needed to:

  1. Solve import & export payment challenges
  2. Grow the Nigeria/China trade corridor for his clients
  3. Overcome currency liquidity constraints in Nigeria

A New Product: BitPesa and 3T Impex Payments
With BitPesa, Bamidele found a solution for these payment challenges. Following a quick integration, 3T Impex celebrated their first BitPesa transaction. Trade specialists like 3T Impex can now reliably send payments on behalf of clients from Nigeria to China, Europe, or the US.

Bamidele said, “We were led to BitPesa by our need to solve ForEx issues. BitPesa helps us source liquidity. We send payments to China through BitPesa to pay our customers’ suppliers.”