BitPesa in Texas!

On 12th June 2015, we traveled to Houston, Texas for the annual Kenya USA Diaspora SACCO Investment Expo. It was the perfect event to meet with Kenyans from every corner of the United States and talk about BitPesa. During the two day event, we built friendships with SACCO members and showed how BitPesa is much more than a financial service. BitPesa is a vibrant company, with a team that works everyday to see to it that the Kenyan diaspora flourishes financially and beyond.

We got feedback like, “I never knew that Moneygram and Western Union were changing the exchange rate on my money!” and “I am so excited to be able to send a birthday gift directly to my niece’s phone.” We made connections with people who inspired us so much, that we had to share the love by highlighting some of them.

For starters, kudos to the great people of the Kenya USA Diaspora SACCO, making financial security accessible to Kenyans living in the US. Businesses and organizations like Nuru Center and Ship East Africa are making a difference in areas ranging from education and health to commerce. These businesses truly represent the “Harambee culture” — working together to meet a common goal. In Houston, we came face to face with some of the many caring and culturally engaged members of the Kenyan diaspora. Thank you to everyone at the expo for making it a memorable one!

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