BitPesa Makes Payroll in Uganda a Breeze

The team at EatOut Kenya relies on BitPesa to send bulk payouts to their staff in Uganda, reaching both bank and mobile money accounts in the same day. The result? Faster payouts, happier staff and stress-free managers.

“The experience was really amazing because we were able to send money to both mobile money and bank accounts, and it was very convenient. I did it all online from my office, and they sent me emails with regular updates on what happened.” – Dan Muthiani, EatOut Kenya Operations Manager.

Who is EatOut Kenya?

EatOut is East Africa’s largest online and mobile restaurant guide and listing agency. The team has created programs like the Yummy Card loyalty program, Yummy Magazine – the lifestyle magazine for food and drink, Nairobi Restaurant Week and the Taste Awards. The brand is live in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

The Problem

Before BitPesa, sending cross-border payroll to staff would take up to 3-5 days and was very inconvenient. EatOut had to go through a manual and costly process to accommodate each employee’s preference to receive salary via mobile wallet or bank account.

BitPesa’s Solution

Using BitPesa’s easy bulk payout feature, the EatOut team is able to upload details for all recipients, both for mobile wallets and bank accounts, and pay them in one click. The team can conveniently send payments to their staff online from anywhere, and they’re completed in the same day, at much lower rates.

“The transactions were done in the same day, which was really impressive. Before, we had to wait for 3-5 days.” Muthiani adds.

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