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BitPesa in DC!


BitPesa arrived in Washington, DC this past month to hold a networking event with DAWN (Diaspora African Womens Network). The event took place on the evening of July 7th in the collaborative and inspiring workspace of Impact Hub DC. Guests arrived spirited and ready to mingle; the foreground was set with plenty of wine and Mediterranean mezze to go around.

As the evening progressed, members of DAWN, friends and supporters of BitPesa, and Washingtonians interested in African Affairs networked. Interests on access to finance, human rights, environmental development and agricultural security were shared in small groups around the room.

Semhar Araia, the Executive Director of DAWN, introduced herself to the crowd and spoke about the important mission of DAWN, which is to develop and support the next generation of female diaspora leaders on African Affairs. She outlined the natural partnership that developed between DAWN and BitPesa.

Both companies are committed to empowering the next generation of African leaders, at home and abroad. BitPesa’s innovative payment platform will allow budding African leaders to join the global economy and bring African ideas worldwide. After Semhar spoke, our very own Chief Product Officer Min-Si Wang delivered a fantastic presentation on the ease, affordability and security that is BitPesa.

We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to partner with DAWN on this successful event. We love the zeal with which DAWN members tackle African Affairs in all industries. Thank you to all the diaspora members out there who are committed to helping their respective home countries continue to thrive! From the team at BitPesa, we promise to make our product the best tool to make this happen.