BitPesa at the East African Trade Conference


On October 16th, BitPesa arrived in Dallas, Texas for the 7th annual East Africa Chamber of Commerce Trade Conference. The event connects East African professionals in the United States and East Africa. During the two-day event, BitPesa spoke with businesses representing transportation & logistics, financial services, healthcare, and energy.

We flexed our muscles by offering the lowest cost option at the conference to move money to East Africa, and the only mobile solution for collecting payments from East Africa to the US. We walked business owners through our web-based platform. Many signed up for a BitPesa account on the spot after learning about our affordability, speed, and ease-of-use.

BitPesa teamed up with Savannah Cargo, a Texas-based logistics company using BitPesa to facilitate invoicing and payments to ship US goods bought on Amazon, Target, and other online stores to East Africa. Kioko and K.G. from Savannah Cargo presented customer use cases, while speaking with importers and exporters at the event.

Many entrepreneurs were in attendance. Augustin Mutemberezi at African Solutions struggles with handling payroll for his growing staff in East Africa. We showed him our Bulk Payment feature on He was thrilled about BitPesa’s mobile money integration and ability to handle payroll in just a few clicks.

We spoke with Seth Mundhe at Lordship Africa, who needs a better way to send recurring payments to his Kenyan bank account. Together, we ran a test transaction and he is excited to use BitPesa for his next bank transaction.

Thank you to Edwin Karuga and the entire East African Chamber of Commerce organization for a successful conference. It set the perfect stage for us to hear each customer’s specific payment needs.

BitPesa is a mission-driven company, working 24/7 to ensure African businesses get the best value and service. The team at BitPesa is committed to make our product the leading tool for business payments in Africa.