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Fraudulent Website Alert: Bitpes[.]com


Dear Customers,

Fraud Disclaimer

We wish to draw the attention of our customers and members of the general public to certain fraudulent activities being perpetrated by fraudsters who aim to deceive and defraud our customers and the general public.

It has come to our attention that the name of BitPesa, our product name, and the names of some of the people who work for us are being used in attempts to defraud the public through false correspondence and other scams. This type of fraud may be via email, letters, text messages, or by using a notice board or even a website purporting or suggesting to be that of BitPesa. Our official website is and all valid communications will come from an email address. 

Recipients of such communications are strongly advised never to make any payments of monies. Should this have occurred, however, you should alert your own bank at the earliest opportunity.

DISCLAIMER: We shall not be responsible for the communication of any fraudulent information relating to unauthorised activity, nor shall we be liable for any loss or damage incurred by any member of the public as a result of dealing with any entity which illegally solicits payments for bitcoins or other services which are not related to BitPesa’s main activity of virtual currency exchange and related payment products.