BitPesa API

Want to add BitPesa’s innovative payment technology to your own company’s workflow?

Integrate Our Technology with Yours

At BitPesa we want our technology to integrate seamlessly with the way you already work. Some of our customers use our existing FX platform or BTransfer service, but for others they’ll want to integrate the power of BitPesa directly into their own platforms or workflow. Our API is the gateway to more seamless business.


Payments Processing and Integration

The BitPesa API allows you access to Africa’s payment networks, giving you the ability to:

  • Create user or sender profiles to collect KYC documentation for them.
  • Send and receive currencies including UGX and NGN.
  • Send Intra-Africa and fiat-to-fiat payments (non-BTC, i.e. USD, GBP).
  • Store, repeat, and automate past transactions.
  • Calculate the rates for a particular transaction.
  • Gather Metadata for internal reconciliation.
  • Be notified with a web-hook when transaction states change.

How to Start using our API

Register and ID Check

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Complete a questionnaire, then submit your personal and business contact details, and proof of ID.

Get API Access

api access@2x

After we approve your business case and verify your ID, you’ll get access to the API and documentation.

API Key + Support


We send you an API key to start integration and give you full API slack support.

Ready to Transform the way you do business with Africa?