Africa Incubator Trusts BitPesa for Easy Payments From Japan

“With BitPesa, we send payments in just a few hours, and if we have any trouble or questions, the customer support team are quite responsive. We’ll keep using BitPesa to send payments between Japan and Africa.” – Kentaro Nagai, Managing Director, Africa Incubator Ltd.

Who is Africa Incubator Ltd?

Africa Incubator Ltd is a Japanese company based in Kenya and Uganda. The company offers mobile-oriented ICT solutions to East African companies and manage consultation for Japanese companies entering the East African market. At the critical time of expanding their business to Kenya, the firm took advantage of BitPesa’s payment services to send funds from the headquarters in Japan to the team on the ground.

Africa Incubator

The Problem

When launching in Uganda last year, the team used a bank transfer to distribute funds. It took more than a week for the transactions to go through, and came at a higher cost, which caused delays on the ground.

BitPesa’s Solution

With BitPesa, Kentaro was able to complete transactions from Japan to Kenya and Uganda in just a few hours, while saving on transaction fees. By offering direct payments through integrations with over 30 currencies, BitPesa allows you to cut out middle currencies and middlemen that often cause higher fees and longer transaction times when sending overseas payments through the bank.

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